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About Foster Payments

Our Mission is to create most secured & convenient payment eco-system to enable anybody to make or receive payments through innovative use of technology.

Foster Payments is the payment service wing of SSD-TECH which is a 525 crore telecommunication service provider, internet and ecommerce conglomerate operating in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore & Myanmar.

Foster payments is PCI-DSS certified payment gateway having connectivity with all acquiring banks of Bangladesh, most of the mobile financial services & majority of the internet banking.

Foster Payments provides state-of-the art payment gateway solutions to online business through its cutting edge technology.

Wide & Powerful

Payment Features

Website Integration

Supports any programming language* Bundled Integration Kits and Cart Plugins Pre-Integrated E-commerce Partners.

Foster Tools

Wide range of sophisticated tools for your online payment needs.

SMS Invoice

Send invoices directly to your customer's mobile.

Email Invoice

Send invoices to your customer's Email Inbox.

One Page Website

Simplify your customer's life with an online Billing Page. Share the link via your favorite messenger, E-mail, Social Network... possibilities are endless.

Web Store Ecommerce

Take your entire business online. Create and share your own merchandise to the world.

Merchant Benefit

Check and compare how simple and convenient it is to collect money from your customer using Foster Payments.

Collecting Money with FosterPayments
Collecting Money without FosterPayments
Ease of Payment Collection

No need to have a website to collect payments

Website is mandatory for payment collection

On Boarding Time

Go Live! within minutes with Simple and easy signup

It takes you at least 10 to 12 working days or even more for going live and collect payment online with Long registration process & Confusing forms

Developer tools

Easy integration Process by structured guidelines & all available developed tools.

It will take more time to develop new tools to integrate with your website

Dispute Resolution

Strong dispute resolution team in place to tackle any claim or dispute & execute refund within shortest possible time

Not Applicable

Customer Support

24/7 call center to support your customer

Customer support within office hours

Fast & Reliable

Team Of Foster Payments

The team comprises well qualified, dynamic and hard working professionals. The top management are seasoned professionals with rich experience in payments, internet, investment banking, telecom and finance domains.


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